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Love Story photos are similar to wedding photos, but more free form. No wedding dresses or wedding anxiety.

To whom is the Love Story -photography suitable?

Love Story -photos are suitable for any couple. They are supposed to be romantic and they are supposed to show the love between the two people. Love Story -photos are taken from, for example, engaged couples, lovebirds on honeymoon and couples on their 50th anniversary. And from any other couples, just for fun, if they want unforgettable and beautiful photos of themselves.

Gran Canaria – relaxed and romantic photo setting

Gran Canaria is an excellent place to take Love Story -photos. The warm and relaxed feeling of the island alone helps in taking excellent couple photos. The sun of the subtropical island gives its own glow to photos. There are several different photo settings on the island.

Las Palmas has a three-kilometer long beach called Las Canteras. It is an excellent photo setting for fresh beach photos. Especially the afternoon sun and sunset are the best times to take photos on the sand of Las Canteras.

The Old Town, however, is a totally different photo environment. Narrow, decades old streets and stairs make picturesque city photos. The heart-shaped island in Anfi del Mar is basically made for Love Story -photoshoots. Small island is, in fact, a present to a millionaire’s wife, so even its history is full of romance. The dunes of Maspalomas, the sealike village of Agaete with its natural sea water pools, coffee and wine farms, parks covered with green palm trees – all of these are excellent spots for a Love Story -photoshoot.

Feeling less photogenic?

What if you feel that you’re less photogenic and stiff in photos? No worries. In addition to pressing the shutter release, I will find the best angles and give ideas on how to act in the photo. For example poses, contact, hands, facial expressions, where to look at, etc. I try to create a relaxed environment, where photographed people can feel comfortable and less anxious.

Makeup, hairdo and clothing

If you so desire, we can arrange a professional makeup and hairdo for your photo shoot. If you are wondering about what to wear, please ask. I will happily give tips on clothing options for different environments.

Is Gran Canaria a familiar destination?

Do you already know Gran Canaria? If not, you can find information about the sights, events and history of the city of Las Palmas and the whole island from laspalmas.fi.