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Sports or exercise photos have increased in popularity lately. Sports bloggers want better quality photos in their posts. Companies that offer sports training require photos for advertisements. And mere sports enthusiast want to have a sports-style portrait sometimes.

Exercise photography in Gran Canaria

Are you a sports enthusiast or a professional? Would you like a sports photo in a subtropical climate? For example a stretching session by the sea? Or a run photo in the mountains? Or exercise in a Florida-like scenery, where palm trees wave in the background?

Gran Canaria has the ideal climate for outdoor activities. Island is very popular, for example, with cyclists and runners. Las Palmas has several professional personal trainers, who have courses in the outside air.

Sports photography

Sports photography is quite new to me. I myself mostly just go to the gym and go cycling. I do walk the beach boulevard of Las Canteras every day, and one can see joggers from dusk till dawn. Surfers dancing on waves. You can see athletes jumping, doing push ups and stretching in exercise spots near the beach. Some have their own yoga mats and other equipment with them.

As a photography spot, Las Canteras’ environment is fantastic. Why wouldn’t you immortalize your hobby in the warmth of the Canary Islands?

Is Gran Canaria a familiar destination?

Have you ever been to Las Palmas or elsewhere in Gran Canaria? If not, you can find information about the sights, events and sports options of the city of Las Palmas and the whole island from laspalmas.fi.